Porsche Carrera 911
100% fiberglass speaker box for Porsche Carrera 911
For the Porsche Carrera 911 from '99 to '04 (996 models), this sub box was specifically designed to look as stock as possible. This box is available in a leather texture which can be matched to your interior color if you can provide a color swatch or manufacturer's color code. It is also available in (paint to match exterior) acrylic enamel automotive paint.  Or, if you prefer to paint the sub box yourself we can send it to you primed for paint or unfinished leather texture ready for your personal finish coat.  As you can see, this enclosure was built for 10 inch Kicker Solo-barics.  Follow this link http://www.hifisoundconnec​tion.com/Shop/Control/fp/t​cat/31140/SFV/30046/set_nu​m/2 to get the best deal on these subs for your new Porsche Carrera 911 sub enclosure.  You can also visit the Kicker site to view their sub woofer options.
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